7 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises For A Complete Makeover

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Facial muscles play a key role in shaping your face. The fatty tissue under the skin diminishes with age which leads to decreased firmness and makes your skin look old and tired.
Exercising facial muscles regularly can help to tone and lift the skin and ensure they remain firm, preventing sagging of the skin by stimulating collagen production and releasing tension from the areas that we often squeeze all day long. Regular exercising these muscles will help you to maintain a younger looking skin as you age.
Increased blood flow through these muscles increases oxygen and blood circulation to the skin, prevents drooping of the eyelids, counteract wrinkles and sagging of the neckline without any chemical or painful procedure.

Here Are 7 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises For A Complete Makeover

1. Exercise To Tone Chin, Jaw And Neck Area

To prevent double chin and sagging skin on your neck, this exercise is very useful. Stand erect and tilt your head back to set your eyes to the ceiling.
Keep your head steady and touch the roof of the mouth with your tongue for about 20 seconds. You may feel little pain in the neck region due to contraction of the muscles. Bring back your head down. Repeat 5 times.


2. Facial Yoga Exercise This deep breathing yoga exercise will help to tone the muscles of your face and neck region. Holding your breath in and then breathing the air out in a particular manner will increase blood circulation in the face muscles and help tone them.
For performing this exercise, stand straight and slowly take a deep breath through the mouth. Holding your breath inside the mouth, puff your cheeks and hold it as long as you can. Now exhale the air through your nose. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

3. The V

This exercise is good for eliminating crow’s feet and drooping eyelids. With both with middle fingers, press the inner corner of your eyebrows, and apply pressure on outer corner of the eyebrows with the index finger.
Looking towards the ceiling, slowly raise your lower eyelids upwards to make yourself crossed eyed and then relax. Do this for 5-6 times and finish with closing your eyes tightly for few seconds.

4. The Giraffe

This exercise will help to eliminate lose skin and lines on the neck. Look straight in front, place the fingertip at area where you neck starts, tilt your head back and stroke the skin of your neck lightly downwards. Bring your head back and repeat the exercise again.
Place your fingers on the collarbone, keeping the chin upwards, extending the lower lip out so that you can pull the corners of the mouth down. Take deep breath and hold. Return back and relax.

5. Exercise To Shape You Chin And Neck

Doing this exercise daily will help to shape up your neck and chin. Stand straight with your neck erect. Facing forward, with the back of hand, slap you lower jaw. Be careful, don’t slap too soft or too hard. Do this constantly at regular pace for 30 seconds.

6. Exercise To Reduce Wrinkles On Forehead

For a smooth and ageless forehead, you can do this simple exercise any time. You just have to bring surprise looks. Bring a surprise expression on your face by widening your eyes as much as you can. Do this 5-6 times at a stretch, two three times a day to get wrinkle free forehead.

7. Exercise To Reduce Facial Fat

Fill your mouth with air by inhaling deeply. Close the mouth quickly as you inhale and switch the air from one side of the cheek to another just like you swish water in your mouth from one side to another. Do it at least 10 times. This exercise will help to tone the facial muscles and reduce fat from your face.
Do these exercises regularly to look young.

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