Click the eye you like the most. And it will tell you some secret about your personality

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A personality test based on your choice from the eyes below. According to this analysis that went viral on social media, choosing one of these eyes may determine if you’re a sociopath or a social butterfly. BetterMe brings you this exam as a social experiment. This is what you have to do: Pick an eye, any eye, don’t tell us which one you chose. Then scroll down to find your personality type.

Are you ready? No cheating! Okay….go!


Eye 1

You are an extrovert who loves people. You see only the good and believe everyone deserves to be treated lovingly. You are forever helping someone out of a jam. You never burden others with your woes.

Eye 2 You are a thoughtful and caring person. The plight of the downtrodden affects you directly. Your mission is to enact change in the world. You are a good friend and a decent human being. The world needs more like you.

Eye 3

You are a pessimist. You see problems where there aren’t any and constantly bemoan your lot in life. You are oblivious to the positive things that happened today, instead you worry about what ills tomorrow may bring.

Eye 4

You are a problem solver. The bigger the problem, the more fun it is to seek a solution. You love to philosophize. You see everything as only a piece of the whole and your mission is to decode the puzzle. You don’t even know what you don’t know and that is half the fun for you.

Eye 5

You are a walking conundrum. Nobody can figure you out because you yourself are unsure about who you are. An unsolvable mystery, your mood swings in every direction, every other second of the day. You don’t talk much.

Eye 6

You are sensitive to detail. Nothing gets past you. You communicate your thoughts efficiently and you are not afraid to show emotion. You rarely let others close enough to sense your vulnerability. You are perceptive and can guess the future.

Eye 7

You are a vibrant creature. The fire that burns within you sometimes burns you because you act without thought. You are decisive and have loud opinions. Extremely energetic, there is much exaggeration in your actions.

Eye 8

You are authentic. There is nothing manufactured about you. Traditions, rules, and other people’s opinions are all water off your back. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. You have no qualms about stepping on toes and do not back down from putting your point across. You have the kind of personality where some are in awe of you, some are smitten with you but everyone wants to be you.


Eye 9 You

are an empath. You can read people and the world like open books. Nobody can get away with anything on your watch, you can see a lie a mile off. You care about other people’s feelings and can sense their emotional state.


How did you rate? Share your personality type with us in the comments and tell us if this internet test is right on the money or straight up nonsense! We at BetterMe love to hear your thoughts on these viral tests.

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