How to have a cervical orgasm ?

How to have a cervical orgasm?

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If you’ve never heard of cervical orgasm, you are not alone. “The cervical orgasms are less known than those clitoral or G-spot, because they are less common,” says Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Toronto sexologist and author of The Bible New Sex. If there is no scientific data on the number of women who have reached the Holy Grail of orgasm via their cervix, this article will let you know if you are one!

How to boost your cervix?

“The cervix (or cervical) is like a vigil in front of the VIP lounge that contains your internal organs, preventing what goes into your vagina to penetrate further. The ectocervix, the only part accessible through the vagina cervix, is located near the back of the vagina, says Jessica O’Reilly. Therefore, when your partner is deep down in you, you have a special feeling at the end of each thrust. Sometimes the contact is not very nice, especially if you are not as excited as you should be, says the sexologist. But when your pleasure rises, the flow of chemicals through your body can make this great feeling . Stimulation of your cervix and can fill your entire abdominal region of fun, “says Dr. O’Reilly.

Yet, no matter how excited you are, there is always a risk that the contact on your cervix is painful. Indeed, the response to the stimulation of the cervix varies from one woman to another, says the sexologist. In short, experimentation is a good thing, but do not insist on an orgasm cervical if it hurts you. Stay focused on the fact to have fun rather than on trying something new.

The timing is important

Now here’s how to do it. First, consider your cycle. The few days before your period, your cervix may be more sensitive to touch. During your period , it is lower, therefore easier to achieve. O’Reilly doctor considers for his part that some women are more likely to have cervical orgasm during ovulation or two weeks before the start of menstruation. So if you’re not sure I wanted anyone to touch your cervix, but you’re still curious, try different times of the month to see if there is a change.

Go at your own pace

“No matter how pressed you are, start slowly,” advises Dr. O’Reilly. She recommends starting with the usual routine and wait to be 80% of an orgasm before pushing further the penetration to reach the cervix. If your G meets integrate this form of excitement to your habits!

Troubleshoot your point C

“For this experiment, you may discover that you like you touch your cervix but not the tingling sensation,” says Jessica O’Reilly. In this case, she recommends using a personal lubricant.

Reaching the gold vein

While it is rare to distinguish different types of orgasms, Dr. O’Reilly has heard women describe cervical orgasms as a sensation that invades the body, “an uncontrollable wave of pleasure between the navel and vagina” and as a second and powerful sensation after a clitoral orgasm. If it happens that you have one, congratulations: you have reached the Holy Grail of sex!

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