Mango Apple Smoothie

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The Mango and Apple Smoothie is a healthy and nutritious summer drink that loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that not only aids weight loss but also promotes healthy digestion and relieves constipation.

All the fruits used in this smoothie – apple, mango, and banana are loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber, pectin and resistant starch – all of which work together to improve satiety, reduce hunger and support calorie burning. This is 100% gluten and a dairy-free smoothie that does not contains milk, cream or yogurt which makes it suitable for people with gluten and lactose intolerance and those suffering from celiac disease.

Mango is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world that is loaded with potent antioxidants which reduce the risk of various types of cancer and macular degeneration. Beta carotene found in mangoes reduces the risk of developing asthma.

Vitamin K present in mangoes improves calcium absorption which is essential for maintaining optimal bone health and reducing the risk of osteoporosis or bone fracture. High fiber content in mangoes also helps to increase satiety, aid weight loss and prevent constipation. Vitamin A in mangoes also helps to promote healthy skin and hair by supporting the growth of bodily tissues including skin and hair.

Apples are yet another potent source of dietary fiber – it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber including pectin that increases satiety which keeps you satiated for a longer period of time, suppresses hunger and aids weight loss. Pectin also lowers cholesterol level in the blood which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Dietary fiber also helps to treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea and constipation and avert hemorrhoids. Apples are loaded with vitamins and minerals – vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and phytonutrients that protect the cells against free radical damage and help to maintain the red blood cells and nerves in good health.

Bananas provide a thick and creamy texture to the smoothie and also add a wholesome amount of dietary fiber and potassium to the body. Bananas contain a special type of fiber called resistant starch that contains fewer calories compared to regular starch which aids weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness and reducing appetite.

High level of potassium present in bananas helps to control blood pressure and support heart health. Antioxidants such as dopamine and catechins present in bananas reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. Bananas are the perfect food for exercise support that helps to reduce muscle cramps and soreness associated with workouts.

Orange Juice is used as a thinning agent in this smoothie instead of milk which makes it a 100% dairy-free recipe. Orange juice is one of the best sources of vitamin C that boosts the immune system, reduces the prevalence of common cold, reduces the risk of stroke, supports healthy skin and combats stroke.

Vitamin A present in orange juice acts as a moderate antioxidant that helps to detox the body by boosting kidney functions. Folate content in orange juice supports blood circulation and aids DNA creation and growth of new cells. Anti-inflammatory agents found in the citrus juice reduce inflammation.

Here is the recipe….


  • Orange juice – ½ cup
  • Banana chunks – ½ cup
  • Apple – 1
  • Mango chunks – 1 cup
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons


  • Cut apple and toss them in the blender.
  • Then add banana pieces,  mango chunks, orange juice and honey into the blender.
  • Blend it on high speed until smooth and pour it into a glass.
  • Enjoy this smoothie to get rid of excess weight.

This healthy and wholesome mango apple smoothie is made using pure and whole ingredients that are suitable for kids and toddlers. This smoothie can be modified to suit the diet of diabetics by omitting the honey.

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