Understanding Well Baby CheckUp

Understanding Well Baby CheckUp

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Whether a woman has just given birth to her first baby or she has been a mother before, one thing that is always important in a newborn’s life is how well the mother cares for the baby.

One of the best ways to ensure that a baby stays healthy is to keep up with healthy baby checkup with a pediatrician.

Understanding Well Baby CheckUp


Shortly After Birth

Once the baby is born and the family has left the hospital to go home, the first doctor’s visit will happen within the first two weeks of the newborn baby’s life. This is part of a wellness check-up, simply to make sure the baby is eating well, beginning to gain weight, and for new mothers this is the perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns or problems with the doctor.

The baby will be weighed, measured, and have the temperature taken, and the doctor may also ask how the baby is sleeping and eating.

Every Two Months or So

After the initial visit, the doctor may then schedule additional visits every two to three months. This is to monitor the baby’s growth and development, as well as help the mother with medical concerns such as immunizations, any allergies they may suspect the baby might be developing, or generally taking care of the overall health and well-being of the baby.

New mothers often have many questions and concerns, and a doctor’s visit of this sort is a good way to help ease fears and get questions answered. The doctor will continue to measure the baby’s growth and weight, as well as discuss developmental milestones with the baby’s mother.

Scheduled Immunizations

Many babies receive their first immunizations at a general check-up, and it is important to make sure babies get the immunizations they may need. This may also be a good time for a baby to receive a flu shot during cold and flu season, as well as begin to establish a relationship with the pediatrician. Should any abnormalities occur or develop, a healthy baby visit is a good way to monitor the situation or find solutions to small problems before they become larger.

Important Milestones in Development

Many healthy baby checkup appointments are a good way to monitor the baby’s progress and development with everything from weight gain to height. The doctor may also check the baby’s reflexes, eye sight, and hearing to make sure they are developing well, as well as check milestones such as sitting upright, crawling, beginning to walk, and beginning speech. These important developments are also a good time for parents to discuss concerns with their doctor in regard to any abnormalities they may have noticed.


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