Wanna Stretch But Don’t Know How? These Illustrations Will Help You

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We all have to stretch, no matter our preferences because our organism needs it. With stretching our blood can go to our muscles and the joints get moving and the risk of injuries as well as pain is significantly decreased. If you stretch, you will also notice your posture getting better.

Anyways, it is normal to wonder which muscles you need to stretch and if you do it right or what method is best for you.

We provide you with a bit information regarding this, and if it gets painful you will be able to change the method and avoid injuries.

These exercises should be felt in your muscles, but not as a pressure on your joints and if you do feel pressure that is a sign you are moving a bit faster than needed. While doing the stretching, focus on your breathing, feeling as if the movements are natural to your body.

Don’t concentrate on the time of performance, but focus on relaxing and resting phases. Depends which method you are using it vary from 5-30 seconds, and if you don’t feel it is the right one – simply change it!

Frog Pose

Most affected muscles: adductors. This one is for the groin but also putting pressure on your knees, which is why you would have to do it on a soft surface. Rest your knees and your hands and bring your knees wider and wider up to the point where you feel your muscles are well stretched. You will witness few different stretches while pushing your hips back and forward.

Camel Pose

Most affected muscles: Rectus Abdominus and External Obliques. This one should be done mostly by people that already have developed flexibility. Sit on your heels, place your hands behind you while pushing your hips upwards and forward. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on your spine, and if you have neck problems do not tilt your head to the back.

Wide Forward Fold

Most affected muscles: adductors. Besides the adductors, you will also stretch the hamstrings while opening the hips. Bent your knees, keeping your back straight. Straighten your legs, rounding out the back and reach for the feet. Easily pull the bottoms of the feet to release the calf muscles. If you are not very flexible use a towel to reach your feet, or lie on your back, pushing your legs up to a wall.

Butterfly Stretch

Most affected muscles: adductors. Sit and bring the feet’s soles together, keeping your torso tall though the sit bones. Do the stretch applying pressure with your hands on your knees. To stretch the groin even more, hold the feet closer to the body. After that, keep your feet far from your hips as you slowly twist your upper body. This is for the purpose of loosening your back muscles.

Forearm Extensor Stretch

Most affected muscles: Forearm extensor. Pack your shoulders back down, rotate the shoulder upwards for the purpose of getting into the optimal position of stretching the muscle of the forearm. When your body is ready, apply pressure on the other hand to begin the stretch. To further develop your stretch, touch the tips of your fingers as if you are holding a tea cup.

Wide Side Lunge Pose

Most affected muscles: adductors. Start with placing your feet ahead of you widely, keeping the legs as straight as possible. Slowly move your hands towards the right foot and then bend your knee. Rotate the left toe upwards, sitting on your right tip. Keep the right foot on the surface.

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